8000 Home Buyer Tax Credit – Deadline April 30th – $5000.00 Can be used for Closing Costs & Down Payment

Home Buyer Tax Credit – Deadline April 30th – $5000 can be used for Closing Costs & Down Payment Let me help you through it.

Let’s Face it, The Home Buyer Tax Credit is GREAT! BUT, Most of us need it up front to help us with the closing costs at settlement.

Wouldn’t it be great if YOU can get $5000.00 of the $8000.00 upfront to use for your closing costs at settlement? Well, If you make less then  $70,000.00 per year…you have a really good chance!

There are a few other requirements….but, the catch is MANY Mortgage Companies are NOT offering this program.


But, in the Lehigh Valley Area…you can get qualified for ALL the Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance programs through 2 different local Direct Mortgage Companies…I will help guide you.

The point is you can get this $5000.00 to help you with closing costs AND you can also get $5000.00 in Seller’s Assist to help with your closing costs from the seller!

ONE MORE CATCH – As of Last week there was only enough money left to help 450 more Home Buyers with the $5000.00 up front money for closing…Quick BEFORE the money runs out and April 30th is HERE!

There is still plenty of time to find your Dream Home.  What do you have to lose?

This is the worst thing that can happen.

1) You get pre- qualified FOR FREE through one of the ONLY 2 places in the Lehigh Valley that can offer you the Down payment and closing cost assist for the $8000.00 tax credit and YOU DO NOT QUALIFY.

2) You do qualify for the program AND between NOW and April 30th you do not find the home that fits your needs. STILL NOTHING LOST. At least you tried. So, You can still buy a home or you can just stay where you are.

3) You do qualify for the program, You find a Home and the seller picks the other offer.  Then it was not meant to be...BUT YOU STILL TRIED! So, we find another home! and try again.

BEST CASE. You Qualify, You Find a Home, The seller Accepts your offer and You GET 8000 TAX CREDIT – 5000 to help you purchase the home and 3000 within 12 to 24 weeks after you send in your amended Tax Return!

Don’t Delay….contact me today and we will get started – IT COSTS YOU NOTHING FOR ME TO HELP YOU…The Seller’s Agent shares their commission with me at settlement.


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