FHA Renovation Loans – BEFORE & AFTER Photos of 203K Streamline & Standard Programs

FHA Renovation Loans – BEFORE & AFTER Photo’s of 203K Streamline & Standard Programs – Get a Visual of what you can do WITH your next home or even with a Refinance of your current home.

Renovation Finance Opportunities BEFORE & AFTER

The Buyer’s Concern:
“I wish the outside was as appealing as the inside”  with The FHA 203K Standard Program…

The Buyer Concern: “A Red Roof? A retaining Wall that is falling down, we need nice landscaping package with a brick walk way and front Lamp post…what about new windows and siding? OH YEAH! and please close in the wannabe sunroom and give me an office! Again FHA 203K Standard Program you can include Landscaping updates also.

The Buyer Concern: “Bright Blue siding? No Air conditioning, we need new windows with the grids, let’s tear down that old chain link fence and add a foyer enterence with coat closet, I would prefer Gray shutters not white, and OH YEAH! And that Tree needs to be pulled out..It is too big and hides our new home!

The Buyer Concern:
“Your Kidding!, Right? I have 5 daughters and this house only has 2 Bathrooms! With the 203K Streamline program..update Bathrooms and add a sit down vanity, ceramic flooring, and granite counter tops.

The Buyer Concern:
“OH MY GOD! A Blue Kitchen, Look at those cabinets! They are just like my grandmothers! The kitchen is the most important part of my home, I need a double wall oven, much much more counter top space, there is no lighting in here either…I need recessed lighting and the appliances MUST BE Stainless Steal of course OH YEAH! The flooring will need to be ceramic please…YOU GOT IT! with FHA 203k Streamline program.

What ever you can imagine you can do with that outdated, lacking maintenance, handyman special, foreclosed or short sale property….ALL you need to find is a great location, wonderful community, the school district you want to live in, within the commute to work you want…AND as long as the home in it’s AS IS condition PLUS the updates and repairs you want fit within your Pre-Approved Price range and the home will Appraise…YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!


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