What Can you Expect Here?

Buying Lehigh Valley Foreclosures, The Right Way made easy “of course”

This site will be Desgined for Real Estate Buyer’s looking for detailed information about Lehigh Valley Foreclosures, How to buy a Foreclosure, Free Foreclosure Listsings, working with a Lehigh Valley realtor and foreclosure specialist.

I have searched everywhere online and there are so many topics missing for Buying a Foreclosure in the Lehigh Valley area.

I am going to offer all the basic information here.

1) Foreclosure VS Sheriff Sale

2) Do I want to purchase a Foreclosure or Sheriff Sale?

3) Residential Buyers
– How do you get a FREE complete list of every Foreclosure on the Market without the BS? OH and have the search setup to fit the area, beds, baths, Max price range and ONLY get Foreclosure Listings and nothing else….NOT EVEN SHORT SALES.  or just get Short Sale Listings…Then just Drive by the property and if you want in? Give me a Call and we will get you in.  Short notice is possible.  24 hours is preferred.  How about a Foreclosure Tour? Yeah…we can do that too. Get Access to Google Maps so you can go down and check out the Virtual community.   Learn all the Tricks about buying a foreclosure here.

*All I ask is that when you are ready to view a home you call me and not another agent.  Because a Buyer Agent is the best to protect you anyway.  I will prove it on my site…right here at Lehigh Valley Foreclosures Blog

4) Investment Buyers
– You get all the same stuff above here…but, You may also want information about Sheriff Sales…You may only want to search Short
Sale’s?  Why Foreclosures are actually a better investment.

5) The Real definition of Foreclosure and Why Bank Owned Property is a better Term.

We are going to have some Fun Here and Learn a lot…and find some of the best deals on the Market right now and for the next 2 years…that’s right! It is predicted with some major proof that Foreclosures will be here in the Lehigh Valley.  More on that in another Blog.

We will have the Foreclosure of the Week!
What will this include you AsK?  Well, I will be going out to review the property in detail and take p
hoto’s – evaluate the home in details and then  I will report back details about current market value – if the property is listed under or at current market value and if you should make an offer or let it go for now.  Some Foreclosures are priced right and some foreclosures are priced too high.  So, it just depends…stay tuned….that’s if you want to know about all the GREAT DEALS in the Lehigh Valley area.

My goal is for this site to become what every Foreclosure Buyer ever dreamed of…and all of my visitors are my client’s.

Remember, You pay nothing for my services.  I get paid by the seller.  So, Is anyone else doing this kind of Research for you now? If NOT stick around and let’s work together!