Video/Webinar Info

Lehigh Valley Consumer Awareness Avoiding foreclosure via Short Sale

In this informative Webinar you will learn:

1) What is a Short Sale?
2) Who can help me with a Short Sale?
3) What does it cost to do a short sale?
4) What is a Loan Modification? & Does Loan modification stop foreclosure?
5) How does someone qualify for a short sale?
6) How to interview a Real Estate Agent to help me with a short sale
7) Negotiating companies who can help me with a short sale
8) How a short sale offer is negotiated
9) How long does a short sale take?
10) Does Bankruptcy stop foreclosure?
11) Does Short Sale Stop foreclosure?
12) Short Sale vs Foreclosure
13) How to easily spot and avoid costly short sale scams

Wanna Listen to the Recorded Session Instead? CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY YouTube Page.

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